Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AC Bus to Hai Na

BRTS Service includes only King Long Ac BUS. But let me inform you thats not true

If you travel on BRTS-1 route Cadbury Junction to Backbay Depot you will understand what I meant.
<--- (See Picture)

The first Bus which leaves at 7:30 from Thane is the normal Old Ac bus and same is with the 7:05 and 7;40 pm buses from Backbay depot. BEST is running these old buses for the reason best known to them. It is a great disappointment for the passengers who come thinking that they will get King long bus.

These old buses windows make noise more than ST bus. The vibration can be felt even in seats. It’s too much noisy. Also AC hardly works leaving us suffocated has many times this bus are full like the normal bus. There are no place even for standees to stand.

And if you ask the in charge at the Depot they will say “Ac to hai na”. The passenger is left with no option but to travel by these old buses.

Passengers have no problem travelling in the Old ac buses. But BEST should see that vibration of the windows the noise is reduced the suspension is nice, Ac should work and we should get the comfort which we get in King long bus.

Can BEST management explain the reason on their website of using the old buses on BRTS routes and timings? Crowd is less is a wrong statement.

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