Friday, April 4, 2008

BRTS 1 and 2 bus service Its a best example of the mismanagement

Inspite of having best network coverage, good driver’s better service center and load of passengers ready to make any route full still best is goining in losses. Reason mismanagement and lack of planning and business sense.

It needs to be run like a corporate were liability and target are implemented strictly and strict action must be taken against non compliance.

Take for example BRTS 1 and 2 bus service. It’s a best example of the mismanagement.

For details about what is brts its route etc click here.

Inspite of having years of experience in transport sector still it has failed to make the best use of this service and the lack of planning and mismanagement reflects in its operation.

To be contd.......

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Abhishek Shukla said...

Moron!!! Your blog is the biggest eg. of write "to be continued" ...........n go for &*$^#%^ !!