Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bus Rapid Transit System


• The current bus transit system in Mumbai is catering about 4.5 million commuters
per day, which is about 40% of the total commuters in the Mumbai city

• The average speed of bus -ordinary routes is 12 Km/Hr. Limited Routes ,16

• The total fleet -3,380 buses. The capacity per bus is 74. some routes 90.

• buses share the lane with other vehicles which affects their speed, capacity,
reliability, and quality of service

• The slow speeds result in large waiting times at the bus stops, reduces the
reliability of the system, hence people are shifting to other modes of transport and
contributing to congestion on the roads.

Need for Study
• Queuing of buses in normal traffic in congested city roads.
• Increased time of travel, decrease in service, comfort and quality.
• Increase in number of private vehicular traffic.

• HCBS -to increasing ridership that contributes to relieving traffic
• Separate lane allocation - needs extra space for one lane on the road,
due to lack of space on the existing roads, it is important to justify the
provision of separate lane for buses.

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