Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is BRTS right for Pune?

The following comments are based on analysis of the CIRT report o the
BRTS project in Pune. These have been passed on to the PMC.

1. It is tragic that the average total passenger trips across all these different
routes (proposed for BRTS) is just 8170 / hour.
2. Peak hour is not defined any where. It is vital to know this, as it may differ
for different routes.
3. Average length of BRTS routes = 2.8 miles or 4.5 km.
4. Points 1 and 3 suggest that BRTS on such a massive scale is not required
for the city.
5. Still worse is the fact that Passenger Trips on Buses / total passenger trips
for several roads is above 50% already!!

€ Bibwewadi Road = 69.75
€ Saswad Road = 68.46
€ Satara Road = 66.78
€ Ahmednagar Road = 66.31
€ Sangamwadi to Kharadi IT Park = 66.31
€ Yerawada to Bhairoba Nala = 61.63
€ Paud Road = 60.83
€ Solapur Road = 57
€ Old Mumbai Road = 56.88

6. The above data suggests that existing service of PMT (however poor it may
be) is doing a reasonable job. BRTS will only add speed on these short
stretches, but by how many minutes?

7. Instead there is a strong case made by above figures for -
€ Strengthening the PMT on these routes by increasing bus quality and

€ Improving bus priority with simpler methods such as bus lane
enforcement (rather than widening roads for dedicated lanes) during
peak hours only

€ Discouraging use of private 2 and 4 wheel drives by adding a toll of
some kind. A simple way is - pay a monthly fee if you travel during peak
times on these roads, put a sticker on windscreen as proof of payment
(similar to road tax disc that all car have to have in UK).

8. Unfortunately the reports from PMC, Delhi IIT and CIRT - all focus on BRTS.
Not one of them compares potential benefits and disadvantages of BRTS
against other forms of Bus based public transport with improved priority.

Dr Adhiraj Joglekar

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