Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dahishar -Evening bus timings are changed


9TH MAY 2008--8.00 pm

Suddenly without any information, evening bus timings are changed from today. Normally the 1st bus from Backbay used to start at 3-35 pm and reach Bandra by 5 pm. Like fools, all regular passengers have been waiting for the bus, at all the stops and atleast till 6 pm, at Bandra. When questioned, the Conductor answered that timings have been changed, from today.

I personally have to stand till Borivli from Bandra today, even in the 1st bus (4-30 pm from Backbay which reached Bandra at 6 pm). This bus was over packed.

Fortunately, BEST has a plan to maintain the 20-minute-interval. But the 1st Bus would start from Backbay at only 4-30 pm daily. There are 7 buses, scheduled for 4-30, 4-50, 5-10, 5-30, 5-50, 6-10, & 6-30 pm

Now in the mornings, buses start from Magathane, go to Dahisar & go to Backbay. When the buses were coming from Anik Depot (Wadala West) in the mornings, they were more punctual. Now that the buses are parked at the nearby Magathane, there is lethargy and everyday morning buses are late.

Passengers are increasing in number and we need discipline in maintaining "Q". Even educated people rush together to board the bus. MIGHT IS RIGHT is the philosophy followed. Let us please start "Q" system.

We have requested BEST authorities to have a meeting with all our members preferably at a central place like Borivli. Do join the meeting and speak out.


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