Thursday, December 18, 2008

Corporators lose cool over Rs 1,000 AC bus pass rider

Say BMC is making them look petty by denying parking rights around its headquarters

City corporators will get free passes to travel in air-conditioned buses throughout the city, but with a rider — they will not be allowed to park their cars in a radius of one kilometre around the civic headquarters. Members of the standing committee are upset as they feel that the administration is making them look petty.

BMC commissioner made a statement to this effect in the standing committee on Wednesday. He stated that passes worth Rs 1,000 will be allotted to all corporators which will allow them to travel free across the city. But those corporators who avail these passes will not be allowed to park their cars anywhere near the civic headquarters.

A few corporators were irked by this condition. They said, “MLAs and MPs get many such facilities including airfare. We also represent the whole city. We do not want such conditions attached to a free bus pass.”

Rajhans Singh, an opposition leader in the BMC, said: “What if a corporator is in a hurry and has to travel to destinations besides the BMC office? Where will he park his car?” Singh however, added that on grounds of principles, those corporators who own cars should not avail passes.

It all started when Waqarunissa Ansari, a corporator from Mohammed Ali Road, complained during Wednesday’s meeting that she had to spend whopping Rs 75 per trip while travelling in an AC bus. “It’s so expensive. We should be given passes to travel in these buses as we have to places regarding work pertaining to our wards.
We cannot travel in cars all the time,” said Ansari.

This triggered a debate in the standing committee and almost all members supported the “cause”.

Yogesh Sagar, a BJP corporator, said, “I prefer buses to cars as it would reduce my fuel consumption and help cut costs as well.” He added, “Even the BMC staff, who need to travel several times during the day for official work, should be given this privilege.”

Kavita Rodrigues, corporator from Bandra, added, “It was long pending demand of all the corporators. When we are given the passes for the normal non-AC buses, why not the AC?”

Why we citizen are also bearing the cost why cant these corporators do. I feel this wrong on behalf of the BEST administration. As they will never travel only their chmachas will travel and create nuisance in the bus.

If they start travelling free, this bus will fail as many decent people will stop traveling because of the crowd.

BEST management re think your decision.

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