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BRTS conversion New Name-BEST Express

My remark on this news:

To make BRTS successfull in mumbai the concerned authorities and the State governement will have to take some stern steps.

To avoid sperate lanes for BRTS and add to the Traffic Jam.
  1. Stop all illegal autos and taxis plying on the road. There are so many autos and taxis whose permits have expired or drivers do not have badge.
  2. These autos and taxis drivers drive at their top speed of 50 kmph in the first and second lane on both the Eastern and western express highways and causes jam behind them.
  3. They park anywhere on the road, before and after bus stops and give trouble to BUS drivers to stop their buses at bus stop. Again Jams take place.
  4. Also private luxury and company buses near railway stations, highways etc park or stop during peak hours for pick-up causing jam behind them. Visit Andheri east, west, Bandra east etc.

Also points to make BRTS success and make people sto pusing their cars and use BRTS.

  1. The reason anyone uses car is first is the comfort and second is speed in travel.
  2. The current BRTS has too many stops, which adds to the delay.
  3. During peak hours there should be seperate buses only for pass holders and it should not allow anyone in between, only getting down must be allowed at selected stops.
  4. Increase the monthly fare to Rs 2000, which means less crowd, a car traveller will not like someone pushing him with his bag when he is sitting on seat, or some one trying to seequeze or making noise , singing songs etc. Costly means decent crowd.
  5. BRTS should be like a first class comparntment, other buses like II or third class.
  6. Increase more buses and the frequency during peak hours.
  7. Start the first bus at 6.30 am from Thane/ Dahishar and last bus at 11.00 from Backbay for the Thane / Dahishar routes.
  8. Create a multistorey parking places on Thane / Dahishar/Backbay/ Sion/ Bandra Best bus depot so that people can come and park their cars and catch BRTS. Charge Rs 500 pm in the pass only for parking. This way BEST will earn additional income.
  9. Deploy mini buses to get people to this depots from major localities.
  10. Best can also tie up with MERU and Mega cab, to get people picked up from their home and dropped daily to bus depot / home only at Rs 1500 per month. Minimum should be 5 kms radius from the home to depot.
  11. So if you calculate Rs 2000 (Monthly pass) + RS 500 (parking charges) + Rs 1500 (caB charges) the total comes to RS 4000. That is nothing for car owners as Petrol cost is around Rs 6000 p.m from Dahishar to Nariman point, Rs 4500 p.m from Thane to Nariman point, Parking charges in Nariman point is Rs 1000 p.m. Driver Salary is around Rs 7000 + overtime etc. So the total monthly expense for petrol cars comes around Rs 14,000 p.m.
  12. Think with all those cars gone off the road and parking places, How much space will be there on roads and then there will be less traffic jam on the road. So no need for special lanes for BRTS.
  13. We will need around 400 buses in the start. To attract car crowd to BEST BRTS.


Shoeb Hakim

The MMRDA has washed its hand of BRTS. Instead, it will be BEST that will implement a very similar project that will go by the name of BEST Express. And the good news is that it is likely to happen before the end of the year.

In a day of rapid developments involving multiple agencies (BEST and the MMRDA), the BEST Undertaking unveiled its plans to implement the BRTS-like project between June and December 2009. The plan involves having dedicated bus lanes that the BEST believes will lead to reduction in travel time by around 25%.

The service that BEST is seeking to introduce is actually BRTS, which the MMRDA was planning to introduce for some time but has now scrapped the idea. Most of the features of this service — called BEST Express — are same as those of BRTS; there will be dedicated lanes for a special fleet of BEST buses

The MMRDA’s BRTS project, pending for over two years now, had similar plans.“We are in the process of handing over the Eastern Express Highway to the public works department and there can be no role for us in the project when the road does not belong to us,’’ MMRDA joint project director Dilip Kawathkar said.

The service is to be introduced on EEH and Western Express Highway initially. Other officials said the MMRDA would be involved in the planning for BEST Express, but it would not be involved in implementation.

The BEST committee passed a resolution on Wednesday to start the service with express buses—both air-conditioned and non-AC—between June and December this year. “We will find routes where a separate lane can be coupled to flyovers. The travel time will be reduced by at least 20% to 25% as the buses would have lesser stops,’’ BEST general manager Uttam Khobragade said.

BEST and traffic officials are surveying the city to identify more routes besides the two highways. The government of Maharashtra has, in principle, agreed to the two routes between Thane and Sion and Dahisar and Bandra.

But most of the routes will be in the suburbs. “There is no scope to have this type of a service in the island city,’’ Khobragade said.Most of the new buses, which are to come to BEST with JNNURM funds, are likely to be used for BEST Express.

These buses will also be allowed on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. BEST chairman Dilip Patel said the toll would be absorbed in the fare. “We initially said we wouldn’t pay a toll, but the state demanded a monthly toll of Rs 5,000 for every bus. We found it too expensive and suggested Rs 2,500 but the government then asked for Rs 3,000,’’ he said.


Name of service BEST Express
Date of implementation Between June and December 2009
Routes Thane-Sion and Dahisar-Bandra (other routes may be added after survey)
Buses to be used Buses coming to BEST as part of JNNURM funds; both air-conditioned and non-AC buses will be part of the fleet
The cost BEST is going to introduce new daily passes, worth Rs 40, for the new service. BEST commuters already having the Global Pass and the Diamond Pass, too, can avail of this service. Single-journey tickets will also be available; minimum fares are Rs 4 (for non-AC buses) and Rs 10 (for AC buses) and maximum fares are Rs 23 (for non-AC buses) and Rs 63 (for AC buses)


BEST plans to instal barriers to demarcate dedicated lanes for the service; cops will ensure cars do not cross into these lanes. The dedicated lanes will be along the side of roads


Given the average Mumbai motorist’s road discipline record, it remains to be seen whether other cars go by the rule-book


If the BEST plan succeeds, then you save around 25% of commute time


The implementation of BRTS is going to take some time — at least two years from now — and we don’t want Mumbai to suffer in the interim Uttam Khobragade BEST GENERAL MANAGER

We are in the process of handing back the Eastern Express Highway to the public works department and have no problem with the BEST and the PWD going ahead with the project. There is no MMRDA role in BRTS any more Dilip Kawathkar MMRDA JOINT PROJECT DIRECTOR

It can be tried out on an experimental basis. But the buses will have to be airconditioned and will have to keep strictly to schedule to lure people away from their cars Nitin Dossa WESTERN INDIA AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION CHAIRMAN

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