Friday, June 19, 2009

With many routes to Mumbai, BRTS a hit among Thaneites

The BRTS routes from Thane to Mumbai have become a hit amongst Thaneites.What started of as a route between Cadbury Naka in Thane and Backbay Depot, now has three different routes starting from Thane. In all, BRTS has seven routes in Mumbai.

According to Ankita Sinha, a BRTS commuter, "I really enjoy my journey. Though the journey is bit long, still it is comfortable as compared to these local trains which are always crowded. Even the timings are very convenient," she said.

Another commuter, Asha Rajan says, "I work in Worli and daily commuting by train is difficult for me as I have to change transport from Parel station anyway. But the direct bus service Thane to Worli has really helped save my time and energy." Asha adds that the buses are convenient and the seats are comfortable. "The frequency of the buses aer also good," she adds.

Though some commuters feel the fare is bit steep, most think that the fare is reasonable. The BRTS also offers five-day, 10-day, 20-day and 55-day, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly bus passes at reasonable rates.

Speaking to Thane Plus, AS Tamboli, PRO, BEST said, "We have received good response from the public. We have got many letters regarding the good services of the buses. We are also planning on increasing the number of buses and bus frequency."

Earlier, The BRTS had seven routes from various parts of the city out of which three routes were from Thane. Starting from Cadbury junction (Thane), there are buses to Backbay depot, BKC and Nehru Planetarium. The bus routes are BRTS1 (from Cadbury junction to Backbay depot), BRTS3 (from Cadbury junction to Nehru Planetarium) and route A5 (from Cadbury junction to BKC).

13 Jun 2009, 0245 hrs IST, Lavanya Prabhakaran, TNN


Bhushan said...

BRTS system has been a hit among Thane commuters. The Bus begins its journey from Cadbury Junction. However, there are enormous residents on Ghodbunder road who are waiting the Bus service to be as frequent as it is till cadbury's Junction. Currently only 1 bus - AS1 operates between Hiranandani estate to Hutatma chowk. If BRTS introduces special bus service in everyhalf an hour interval, it would benefit the commuters of ghodbunder road greatly.

Amol said...

BRTS should understand that now more & more peoples who use this AC bus services belongs to residance near Ghodbunder Area. If they start (or extend) 1 more service from Hutatma Chowk / Ballard Estate / Mantralaya to Hiranandani / Kapurbawadi instead of Cadburry Junction it will be very much comfortable for the commutors. The return srvice should be after the currrent one of 5.30pm - around 6.15pm - 6.45pm or so, as many offices now days closes late by 6-7pm.

Rujuta said...
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Rujuta said...
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Rujuta said...

wanted an opinion this bus(BRTS-1) is Convenient to travel to Stock holding corporation vikhroli or not

BHU said...

I had posted a comment on august 10. Still there has been no service of BRTS for Ghodbunder road residents. BEST should understand that there is a huge market on GHODBUNDER ROAD which they haven't realised.

BHU said...

As I had posted comment before regarding a permanent bus from Hiranandani Estate Thane to Hutatma Chowk, I am very happy and very thankful for the BEST department for hearing my voice. It has brought a huge relief to the commuters of Ghodbunder road. I am also happy with the frequency of the buses as the bus is around 1 in half an hour. It would be a big pleasure to have more connectivity of Ghodbunder Road to proper MUMBAI like the suburbs of Andheri, Bandra, Airport as Many people need to travel to these places daily. Putting more buses on this route will help people of Ghodbunder Road rely more on the BEST Buses or BRTS Buses. BEST needs to find out that Huge townships with plenty of requirements are coming up on Ghodbunder Road or. At present these requirements are not satisfied. People use cars to travel on this route as this is the area where there are townships of Hiranandani Meadows, Hiranandani Estate, Runwal, Lodha, Rustomjee, Kalpataru. Use of BRTS buses would mean people will use lesser cars. This would mean less traffic, this would mean lesser pollution. I hope my voice is heard one more time.

BHU said...

Apart from the AC buses, BEST can put normal BEST buses connecting various parts of Mumbai to Ghodbunder road according to the feasibility study conducted. This would mean more and more income to BEST buses as well as service to the commuters. BEST can conduct trial services from Hiranandani Estate/ Waghbil (Ghodbunder Road) to Bandra, Andheri, Airport, Chembur, Dadar, CST etc. which are commercially important areas and see the outcomes. People require services to return from these areas till very late night say 11:00pm 12:00am or 12:30am at night. More buses will make people rely more on the service as we all trust BEST service.