Friday, August 28, 2009

Auto stands on BRTS route to help ease congestion

Reinforcing Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) Commissioner IP Gautam’s promise that BRTS would be for all, the civic body has decided to create space to park autorickshaws along the first phase of BRTS bus corridor between RTO and Chandranagar.

The Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL), a body constituted by AMC for executing the BRTS project in the city, would set up auto stands on either side of each BRTS bus stop platform as well as at traffic junctions. The stands near each BRTS bus stop would accommodate 25-30 rickshaws, said sources.

With 20 bus stops between RTO and Chandranagar and four junctions at Akhabarnagar, Bhavsar Hostel, Nehrunagar and Anjali, 44 auto stands are on the cards along the BRTS corridor.Claiming that the auto stands would make BRTS more accessible to the residents of the city, Shivanand Swamy, the project team leader of AJL said: “The auto stands will enhance the accessibility of BRTS. For, these will help passengers reach BRTS stops by autorickshaws. Besides, they will get rickshaws immediately after alighting from buses.” The stands will also help ease traffic congestion due to haphazard parking of autos on BRTS corridor, Swamy said. Echoing Swamy, Deputy Municipal Commissioner UC Padia said: “The stands will help us get rid of casual parking of autorickshaws, obstructing traffic on the BRTS corridor.” Claiming that enough space had been earmarked for autorickshaw stands along the BRTS corridor, Swamy said: “Taking into count the number of autos parked on the BRTS corridor at present, the space allotted for auto stands is more than enough.”

The stands are expected to accommodate 650 autos. According to AMC, at present around 300 rickshaws are parked along the BRTS corridor stretching over 13 km between RTO and Chandranagar. Stand count⇒ No. of auto stands at each BRTS bus stop: 4⇒ Total auto stands near BRTS bus stops: 80⇒ No. of auto stops at junctions on BRTS corridor: 4⇒ Total auto stands along BRTS corridor: 84⇒ The 84 stands will accommodate 650 autorickshaws


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