Thursday, October 15, 2009

BRTS had failed in Mumbai and other cities of India.

BRTS is introduced worldwide for two reasons. First there should be a fast and confortable medium of transport and second reason it will make people in cars switch to BRTS which will decrease the traffic on road.

But whats happening is totally reverse.The BRTS authorities fee that BRTS will enable the common man to whiz across like wealthy persons while travelling in the city and on the other hand they want people travelling in car to use BRTS.

The reason anyone uses car is first is the comfort and second is speed in travel. Is BRTS in MUMBAI and other states offering that. The answer is NO.

The current BRTS has too many stops, which adds to the delay.Currently there is a conductor to issue tickets and even short distance people take the ride and make the bus crowded. Like a person will catch a bus at Kandivali and get down at Goregaon.

This should be stopped. First step should be increase in BRTS fare for ticket holder and say minimum fare of Rs 45. This will help the overcrowding of the BRTS and there should be preference to pass holders.

During peak hours like 7:15 am to 10 a.m and 6 pm to 9 om there should be seperate BRTS buses only for pass holders and it should not allow anyone in between, only getting down must be allowed at selected stops.

Increase the monthly fare to Rs 3000, which means less crowd, a car traveller will not like someone pushing him with his bag when he is sitting on seat, or some one trying to seequeze or making noise , singing songs etc. Costly means decent crowd.

People travel in car for comfort, ac,quite environment and no botheration of disturabance from irratting people.

BRTS should be like a first class comparntment, other buses like II or third class.

Best can also tie up with MERU and Mega cab, to get people picked up from their home and dropped daily to bus depot / home only at Rs 1500 per month. Minimum should be 5 kms radius from the home to depot.

So if you calculate Rs 3000 (Monthly pass) + Rs 500 (parking charges) + Rs 1500 (Cab charges) the total comes to RS 5000. That is nothing for car owners as, when he uses his car he spends more. The Petrol cost is around Rs 6000 p.m from Dahishar to Nariman point, Rs 4500 p.m from Thane to Nariman point, Parking charges in Nariman point is Rs 1000 p.m. Driver Salary is around Rs 7000 + overtime etc. So the total monthly expense for petrol cars comes around Rs 14,000 p.m.

So if the BRTS can provide the same confort as car. Then i am sure that all car owners will switch to BRTS and leave their cars at home.

Also BRTS authorities can Deploy mini buses to get people to the BRTS staring point or depots from major localities.

Think with all those cars gone off the road and parking places, How much space will be there on roads and then there will be less traffic jam on the road. So no need for special lanes for BRTS.

Create a multistorey parking places on Thane / Dahishar/Backbay/ Nariman Point-Mantralaya/Sion/ Bandra Best bus depot so that people can come and park their cars and catch BRTS. Charge Rs 500 pm in the pass only for parking. This way BEST will earn additional income.

Also if they make pass compulsory in BRTS this will give them huge amount of money even before the bus hits roads. They have to arrange to Online refiiling of the pass instead of current practise of goining to selected bus depots for refill. Also refill by phone and voucher.

If BRTS is used the way it is being used now for common men, it will start running in losses and for the BRTS authorities it will be difficult to recover the operating cost and maintaneance. The BRTS future will be like the RED Ac bus of BEST which are in pathetic condition today.

Also regrading dedicated lanes for BRTS in Mumbai and other cities. You cannot expect this to work when there is no sense of traffic. Will a auto rickshaw driver keep a whole lane to his right vacant while he is stuck in a jam.The answer is NO.Our politician need to get a reality check and work with ideas that are grounded in the dirt and reality of our streets and work through the minds of the average man on the street.

So BRTS authorities wake up before its too late.


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不斷的砍伐用的雖是小斧,卻能砍倒最堅硬的橡樹。 ..................................................

Rajesh said...

I agree BRST should reduce cars on roads, but why should it be that the upper class be given additional facilities at government cost. Every common man is a tax payer and pays his own share, so also has the right to travel in comfort. This is not an BRITISH RAJ.

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Sandesh Shejwal said...

Every person, irrespective of whether he owns a car or not and who wants to have a better travel experience and is ready to pay the fare determined by the authorites, has a right to use BRTS service. After all its not anyones's private company bus but a public transport meant for general public.