Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fate of Jaipur Metro project

Interestingly, while government has shown an obsession for the Metro project, it is dragging its feet over Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) on which over Rs 64 crore have already been spent and buses have also been purchased for the under-construction dedicated roads. Moreover, the unfinished BRTS constructions have become a major hurdle in the smooth traffic movement and cause jams at regular intervals. The government has shown no signs of completing the BRTS even though the central urban department has been pitching for the same.

Gehlot government has gone on a overdrive to take up the metro project as survey for the project commenced in June 2009 and even before the feasibility study was officially submitted. Interestingly, in August last year, government announced that work on Jaipur metro will commence by March 2010 and the metro will be made operational by 2013. The Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (JMRC) was constituted in October 2009.


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