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Check out the shortest addresses

Kandla Port Builders Behind Unique Guj Town Codes

Adipur-Gandhidham: Remembering addresses is a piece of cake at the Sindhi resettlement township in Adipur. All it comprises is a few alphabets and numbers. No wonder residents claim to have the shortest addresses in the country.

Addresses like SDR69, SDX50, CBX56, TRS69, SBD4 are common here. And, people here look for each other’s houses by these codes, which for an outsider will appear strange. But, the code is simple for residents as they denote the type of house, the locality and house numbers.

And, in case you are thinking that such addresses were decided upon on someone’s whims and fancies then you will be wrong. The master plan for twin towns of the Adipur-Gandhidham was prepared by an Italian architect Mario Baccheocci in 1949, but the unique addresses were suggested by a group of German engineers and planners, who lived in the township while building the Kandla port.

The houses are again classified as “Do-wali” (Rs 2 rent), “Che-wali” (Rs 6 rent), “Duswali” (Rs 10 rent). “The founder of Adipur-Gandhidham, Bhai Pratap, had distributed these houses with specific rents. The houses in Gandhidham are arranged in sectors. Here in Adipur, we have wards each assigned a number instead of sectors. Today, these addresses are simple to understand and can help you navigate the area,” says Bhai Pratap Maitri Mandal member, Ramesh Vaswani.

Sindhu Resettlement Corporation (SRC) chairman Nirmala Gajwani says, “When Adipur-Gandhidham towns were founded, no Sindhi families were willing to live here. The place had snakes and other poisonous creatures. Bhai Pratap paid 50 paise for killing snakes and 25 paise for scorpions,” Gajwani says.

“There have been very few changes in the master plan of Gandhidham and Adipur. Regulations restricting heights of buildings, access to civic amenities, proximity to schools and hospitals, direction of roads, use of hollow bricks in construction of houses to withstand earthquakes have been incorporated in the planning of the towns,’’ says Mohan Sajnani, general manager of the SRC.

KEEPING IT BRIEF: The Sindhi resettlement township in Gujarat’s Adipur boasts of a unique house address. Each house has been given a number, which denotes the type of house and the locality

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